Cloud Forest Cold Brew

Cloud Forest Cold Brew

Salt City Coffee’s mission is rooted in the belief that through the power of coffee and community, we can make our corner of the world a more remarkable and joyful place. Over the years, we have made our mark in the community of Syracuse by giving back and investing in its prosperity just as the community has done for us. As we grow and evolve our mission becomes more clear, and we are ready to take our message further by introducing…

The coffee used to make our newest cold brew can is grown in the El Triunfo Biosphere Reserve, and features exclusively women-produced coffee from the Cesmach Cooperative. Over 130 women, most widowed or having spouses who have migrated to the USA, have a hand in producing this lot, overseeing all farm operations as well as their families and childrens' education. Located in the mountains of Sierra Madre de Chiapas, south of the Chiapas State, the El Triunfo Biosphere Reserve is home to a breathtaking variety of vegetation and animal species. The Biosphere Reserve also protects the two most endangered ecosystems in Mexico: the rainforest and the cloud forest.

It’s no secret the climate crisis has affected people throughout the world, but as a coffee company we must acknowledge the impact that climate change has on the quality and quantity of coffee lots, as well as the farmers who make the third-wave coffee industry possible.

Cloud Forest Cold Brew is one of our favorite projects yet. It aims to connect the consumer to those who are the heartbeat of the coffee world. From the artwork highlighting the vibrant diversity of the region to the clear call to action to support those in the industry impacted by our current climate crisis, we at Salt City Coffee have so many reasons to be proud to release CLOUD FOREST COLD BREW. Your support in continuing to make our corner of the world a bit brighter than we found it is so important to us.
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