Coffee is a medium through which stories are told. We believe that. We want to tell stories through the coffee we sell. We want our coffee to positively impact our society and our world. How do we do that?

We offer Fairly Traded and Organic Coffee to start. We seek to source coffee that is sustainable. Look for labels such as "Shade Grown" and "Bird-friendly" and other certifications as ways in which we seek to care for the earth in the way we and you purchase coffee.

Our coffee bags are compost-able. We look for ways to reduce our footprint, and think through the ways in which we do business. 


We are committed to providing freshly roasted coffee. We only roast after we receive an order. There is no roasted coffee sitting in a stock room somewhere. We love coffee the most when it smells, tastes, and looks fresh. We want to share that with you.


We believe every one in the coffee process deserves a fair wage for their work. We believe high quality coffee deserves a living wage. From the farmer, roaster, barista, and everyone in between deserves a fair wage for their work. We also value a fair price for you, the customer. We think a balance between a good value and a just wage is the best place to be. 


Our bags turn into dirt. Whether they be in a landfill or in compost, our bags decompose. Currently, all of our regular coffee offerings are organic.

We source coffees that are also sustainable. Whether a certification is attached or not, research is done to see if the farmers care about their land. If we think they love their land and livelihood, we are proud to carry their coffee.